Pin Up


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I know it'd just opened, but Pin Up was wonderfully cheap for entry last year and the drinks weren't too dear either.

Does anyone know if this is likely to be the case this summer as well? It was a welcome alternative to the rip-off prices in the superclubs.
But that's not with well known djs is it?

I think we paid less than 10 euros last year for the dance valley party. (Cheaper than a drink in Pacha!)
kitten's head said:
But that's not with well known djs is it?

Wash your mouth out missy :p ;) Unknown DJs?? only the likes of Little Louie, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler to name but a few :D And it's a 14 hour sesh :D
kitten's head said:
Sorry Barbie!

I didn't know they were playing.

MAW are the dog's...

I can't remember exact dates for Louie and Kenny but they're 2 consecutive wks sometime in August.

KC is the Opening when we're there.

Have you read the blurb on Soul Heaven website about what they're doing - opens at 4, soulful house on the terrace, they've even got bbq when the sun sets (altho I probably won't be wanting a burger :rolleyes: ) and then terrace closes at midnight and inside opens at 11.

Got high hopes for this one, even blowing Erick out for it in June :eek: :D
That sounds like a fantastic night, Barbie.

I have high hopes for Pin-Up this season.