Pin-Up Sundays are now......


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My mates disco and northern soul night isn't gonna be at PinUp on Sunday nights now. They are going to be hosting sunday night parties in the refurbished bar area of Hotel EsVive instead.

If it goes really well, they will move over to Pin-up later in the season.
Aw, I was really looking forward to that one!
Any ideas what Pinup are doing instead? (2nd-16th July)
Are they going to be open at all??
I believe that Pin-Up are not gonna bust themselves by putting stuff on every night. If they can get the three nights booked this year to rip off the hook (which i think they might) they will have high quality promoters queing up for 2004
anyway Rob, you could always go to the bar of EsVive instead, where the disco and northern soul will be.
i live near to pinup and i go walking by the beach in front of it every day ( to go to bora bora of course ) , and i always wonder why the terrace is not there anymore , and there are not signal of work on it .. any clue ?

and ... any idea about zenith party ?

oh i already read the answer to my question in other thread , im always late :cry: