pin-up opening!!


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pin-up opens on june 12th (thursday)!! :p

latest news about pin-up:

· it has new owners!! :eek:
· it has been reformed!! :eek:
· all the djs in the opening party will be female!! :D

(tania vulcano and smokin jo among others ;) )

I'm really looking forward to Pin-Up this year. Went to the Dance Valley Party in September and had a fantastic time.

It's nice to go to a smaller, more intimate club in Ibiza with a more underground feel to it but still quality music.
And of course, right next door to Pin-Up is the ever popular Bull Bar, another great daytime venue :twisted: .

Anyone know who's playing the Bull Bar opening party yet? (its definitely not Danny Tenaglia)
;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

I heard the theme is going to be Whack-a-mole. :confused:

What I'm trying to say is the Bull Bar is easily visible from the road but Pin-Up isn't.
mattlebonk: bull bar opening was on Monday evening after DC10 and Bora Bora. An excellent time was had by all, champagne was drunk and all the old favourite rides were in action. New for this year: a bouncy castle/slide thing.
Cheers for the Bull Bar information SWJoe.

Girlfriend and I had a pretty tough choice deciding whether to go out for Bull Bar opening, or wait til the 15th and catch Manumission, Underwater, Subliminal, Ministry, Pure Pacha, DefMix and We Love Sundays kicking off.

Really hope we haven't made the wrong decision. I totally love bouncy castles.