Pin-up is very quiet around the island.


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does anyone know how its doing this year?

on paper it looked like a good year for them but....seing that garlands are no more, and there isn´t any advertisment for soul heaven.

are soul heaven still going on???

barbie you should know this.
Yeah Soul Heaven is still going on, but due to various reasons PR for this has been non-existent and numbers have been down, even tho everyone who has been has said they had a blinder (me included).

Starting yesterday they had 3 wk MAW extravaganza - Louie last night, Kenny next week and as MAW the following week, they're really pushing these nights and expect numbers to be up and hopefully get a buzz going about it.

IMO the music at Soul Heaven is best you will hear on the island and Pin-Up is a fantastic club.
Barbie said:
IMO the music at Soul Heaven is best you will hear on the island and Pin-Up is a fantastic club.

Shame you are about the only person who knows about it though ;)
From DJ magazine over there - Pin Ups parties are

(inside) Izit Dance
(terrace on rotation) Arthrob/Soulsonic/Honey/Grupo Salsitas

was Garlands dunno about now

Soul Heaven & Southport Weekender

Thursday.... (alternate weeks)
Everybody with Sander Kleinenberg &

Car Wash

Saturday.... (alternate weeks)
Off Duty &
Club Therapy with Dave Seaman

Just was bored and its prob been covered already
The locals reckon the Monday night is always packed, think it's a Spanish night!!

But like you say the rest are really quiet!!!!

I went to Soul Heaven both weeks, Timmy Regisford was amazing and one of the most bizarre nights ever, me and my mates loved it, got wasted!! It was like our very own personal set by Timmy Regisford..

There was only 50 people there, couldn't believe it??

Like Barbie said the PR was non-existent, was talking to Matt Helm (Dj's at Soul Heaven pre night at Savannah on Tues) and he said there gonna try aim at the Italian's.... Cos MAW are massive over there and obviously the english are too ignorant to bother!!

The 2nd week at Soul Heaven (Which was meant to be Matt Heilbron) was changed to an Italian DJ called 'Paco S' there was only 30 people in this week, I only stayed for an hour!!

Whilst i was over there noticed that a lot of the clubs were full with people who didn't know f*** all about music or which DJ was playing... It seemed to me as people were going to Pacha and Space like they would go to the Eifell Tower or the Arc de Triomphe if they were in Paris!!

Im so curious about Louie Vega's gig and how many people went, if anyone has heard out give me a shout!!
The Monday we were there was packed, especially the terrace.

The inside started off well, but emptied out a fair bit by 2am so we went back to Es-Vive for a long drinking session :oops:

It did seem a very spanish crowd and i noticed them nicking people's drinks.

The barmaid is a complete tosser too - she prances around like she's gorgeous (which she aint) and serves only the spanish first - be warned! - you'll feel like slapping her.
Mondays are getting 1500 - 2000 people through the doors. not all at the same time though :confused:
Its such a shame it hasn't worked out, but I reckon they should really push to get a night at Pacha next year, any night of the week.
Mondays were rammed last year, that's when we went, thats probably why its the same this year, its just a new club and will take time to establish itself and get a regular following on more than one night of the week.
Can give you a bit of insider knowledge here folks. Apart from Monday its been an uphill struggle:

Was talking to Neil the guy who runs Carwash (who were meant to be covering Fridays) and he says that the place is just a bit screwed as it simply has not got the exposure it deserves. Sure its a fab terrace etc but not enough people are supporting it night after a result there have been thousands of free passes floating around to encourage more people to go there and subsequently the promoters are making no money. BIG shame.

Hence Garlands and Carwash have had to ditch it and Soul Heaven is struggling. I went to Soul Heaven briefly the other wednesday and they had closed most of the terrace off with drapes and it was totally empty....the promoter said that once again "people didn't know enough about it". Shame really but we all ended up for last few tunes at Bora Bora and then on to La Troya at Amnesia so we weren't that bothered.

Monday at Pin Up however is a VERY different story! I have to say (as has been said on this board before by Purds i think) that Monday night at Pin Up "defines" the word Balearic.....

......Firstly you get most of the buzzing crowd who have been flooring all day long at DC10 - add to that a healthy mix of locals and several groups who are starting early for a long one at Manumission and you have one of the best crowds assembled in Ibiza. Its THAT good.

When I was there I genuinely met some incredible people (ok, as always!) - the music was sublime (i mean really phenomenal house) and every body was loving it in a big way. It will remain one of those magic moments for me in my clubbing life - one where you are saying to yourself that you never ever want the music to stop - great, just great.

A cool thing for me was also that I had no expectations at all of the dj's - i saw no major promotion for who was playing (like at DC10) and it just made the experience all the more magical for me.

Pin Up is a great club - make no mistake, but the prob is that they are just trying to squeeze too much out of it. Monday has got it bang on - but until more people get "in the know" it will struggle to have the same impact on other days.

Just a shame terraces have to shut at 12.00am in Ibiza! Gutted - i could have danced till dawn.

If you are going to do anything in Ibiza this year - go to Monday night at PinUp.
s'laters folks.
what are pin up charging tho?? only if there charging top dollar like the other clubs they will loose out.

The should just charge 10-15 euros to get the numbers in.
I was at pin up for the opening parties on mon for izit dance which is the after 12 oclock thing ( the terrace wasn't open that day ) It was completely dead and shut at 4 about 60 people were there.
I went to the opening of soul heaven also. This was again completely dead all day about 30 people 100 or so people joined in at about 10 but was lacking in atmosphere.
Pin up was succesful last year as people were heading to the terrace after dc10 on a Mon. Its still succesful this year on Mons
Either because of lack of promotion or people going to other nights means that Pin Up hasn't worked out for promotors there this year.
It usually takes a whole season to get a place going maybe the club will do better next year.
Soul Heaven is only 10 euros to get in and Garlands was free, so you cant really complain about the prices gadgeypops!!!
Yeah we got into both nights for free but would have prefered in hindsight to go somewhere else instead.
i was there las tuesday , around 5 am because i didnt like too much the music at the carl cox night ...
in pinup there was that elektrochurch party ... i didnt like the music ,
and just around 15 people there
i forgot : for the people that have known ' konga ' ... dont you liked it
more than pinup ? i mean ... its good to have such a small , dark
and harcore club in the island , and after the konga closing , we
haven it no more :(
once again tried out sander k's night everybody yesterday.

15 euros on the door, 6 euros for a beer.

i got there at 10.30 pm, just as sander k came on to play some wicked deep house to ..... just me.

i was the only guest in the club LOL

by time i left at 11.30 pm there were another 20 people there.

obviously the PR machine is shot to ****. i am sure it got busier later, but why go and sweat in a small dark club after midnight, when you can groove on the island's second coolest terrace from 8 pm onwards??

i just don't understand.... :confused:
I think Pin Up will be pretty packed next Wednesday what with MAW at Soul Heaven.

What happened with that electro night people were talking about?