Pin-Up, AK Morgana, The Underground!!!!!



After an eventfilled, ever tiring, ever groovin, always stylin 2 weeks in ibiza last year with the smaller half and two china plates we've decided to take on the plains of ibiza yet again with four additional house-scene henonists in the hope of recapturing last years solidarity with clubbers Disneyland. On the 1st Sept we'll be relivin Circo Loco, Sunday@Space, Underwater Sessions, Release Yourself and the unsurpassable Manumission amongst others and experience the virtues of a completely different mustard. Ma problem is i don't know much about Pin-Up, AK Morgana, The Underground. From what i've heard Tania Vulcano has been playin some blinding sets at AK Morgana, Garlands are producing yet another year of fine nights at Pin-Up (I went to Garlands The White Party closing night at Space last Sept) and Mr C's pulling out all the stops at his invitation only nights at The Underground (Where do we get these from??? 8) ). I'm looking for any first hand or reliable knowledge anyones got about these places or if anyone else has unearthed any other little gems of bars/clubs just waiting in the undergrowths of ibiza's future. let us know if ur gonna be there in the first two weeks of Sept coz i just might be that random head you spiel random exhuberant shite to whilst Donna Summers "I Feel Loooooooooooo-ooooooooo-ooooove" brings out the best in us all on Space terrace!!
Mattie F