Pin-Up- 16th-21st June?



Couldn't find an answer to this by searching the boards, and the Pin-Up website is still under construction.

I know everyone (including me) is very excitied about Pin-Up this season.

Soul Heaven's lineups are unbelievable :eek: , and Garlands and Zenith are likely to be wicked parties too, but none of these start until after we're there :cry: :cry: :cry: .

Apart from the Izit Dance party on Monday 16th, does anybody know if Pin-Up will be hosting any parties during 15th-21st June :?:
Thanks Robo.

I already checked the calendar and it only shows the Izit Dance party that week.

I just wondered if their might be some residents' parties before the big promoters kick off, like they do on Sundays at Space.