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I think it's fair to say both PDB & San An are very blackpool!

I prefer to stay in Cala Vadella, Cala Jondal, Poroig or inland in the hills. It is much nicer with fresher air, no louts,very quiet etc. But and it's a big BUT you are miles away from anything to do and have to drive or get taxis everywhere.

By staying in either PDB or SA you will be able to go clubbing,meet lots of other clubbers/people,be able to get public transport,pick up flyers and have lots of bars and restaurants to chose from all within easy walking distance.

at the end of the day it's 'horses for course's'


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Ibiza-girlie said:
agree with you on that, calla vadella is really really nice !!





Well, if you haven't been to Piscies Park and stayed in the bar for every night of your holiday to watch the fabulous cabaret and eat some of the best bush tucker ever to be cooked my man, then frankly I consider you to be low-brow, and your trip to Iibza was a waste. :D


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dfunky said:
Hi there everyone after not been around for a while.
just thought i'd stick my 2 penneth into the argument lol
I would have to say thet San An has some nice area's that you can stay in.
The west end bars around there are a bit blackpool but the bars in playa den bossa are a bit blackpool too.
San Antonio has some good beach/sunset bars that have a decent crowd in.
Playa den Bossa has Bora Bora which is good and maybe Ancient People at a push ( although i think its a bit poo )
The only reason I stay in either Pdb or figuerrettas is because i spend most of my time in Ibiza Town so we save time and money on travellin.
I usually visit San an while i'm there and different beaches. I can't drive but usually get the bus or taxi.
The one thing I dislike the most is gig groups of lads or big groups of girls.
I have found that there are lots of these in San An and quite a few in Playa den bossa.
Also Playa den Bossa has a decent beach and the sea on your doorstep which is ideal when your feelin lazy.
Every time i go to Ibiza i go to either Es paradis or Eden to see if any of the nights are good but its the same old thing a hand full of decnt clubbers dancing and getting into things and a whole load of groups of guys being drunk & lairy or a group of girls being drunk Lairy and bitchin about everything. Its like tribe city over there.
The same can be said about PDB but its a smaller scale.
PDb has many germans yes but it also has many people of all natonalities which is lacking over in San an.
Thats what i think anyway good to be back hi everyone !!!! :D

Hiya d, nice to see you back ;)

Are you well?



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Hi Drew
Fine Thanx approaching the christmas stress period but usually i have everything done by early to mid december which means i can relax from then on over the festive period
how have you been.