Pictures of the woman of Ibiza


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Does anyone have any pictures of the fine sexy women of Ibiza my girl and I would definitely like to see what Ibiza has to offer in terms of women.

Paris, I think the Pacha girls need extra security when your about...

Yeah, I thought that too at first, but I saw them get heckled on the beach and they liked the positive attention. And the champagne girl bumped into me at the bar after her first set - when I regained my composure and could actually put together a proper sentence, she invited me to the little arena with her. And that's all I'm going to say about that! :lol:
#1 has a hot tan - I'd hit it.

#2 looks like an anorexic Nicola - Girls Aloud

#s 3 and 4 look baked.

Forget security - bring on the Pacha girls. Where's McBoobies?