Picking Yourself Up


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Last year was my first time in ibiza. i went with my girlfriend for 2 weeks in july, and then again in september for 4 nights.
i found that the problem i had was making myself feel right the day after being out. every day i seemed to feel terrible, and just couldnt shake it.
i was wondering, what do all you ibiza veterains do to pick yourselves up the day after a heavy one? i know everyone has their own techniques.
I prefer sleeping. If I am back at my hotel at 7:00 I sleep till about 16:00. And remember, if you are having a headache, you are not drinking enough.
I think you should pace yourself more, if you are feeling like death the next day to the point where you can't go out and enjoy it the following night.
i dont really get headaches or anything. i drink a lot of water while im out. i just always feel really groggy the next day.
Particularly on the 4 dayers.

:eek::eek: 4dayers??? geeezus......!:eek: i must be getting old.....

id suggest one night on it,,, one night off.....
there's no point in caining yourself (especially if you feel like ****) just because that's whats expected when you're in ibiza!! i dont see the point....???

maybe try & get yourself some sleeping tablets also....??
everything seems so much better after a long sleep!;)
5htp, Nytol (behind counter version), quality sleep (in bed - not beach), Berrocca, wine, fresh fruit, simple tasks, swimming, yoga, sex.

If that doesn't perk you up then nothing will.
Just don't hit it hard when you are out and try to get 3-4 hours sleep after a nights clubbing.

Also don't have a heavy 'send off' weekend before you fly out - can lead to burnout in the first few days!

You don't want to peak too soon!
I usually do one day off in 3 and make sure I get enough proper quality night time sleep (I struggle to sleep through the day) eat well, fresh fruit, lots of water, protein and carbs.

Vit B1, Vit C, 5HTP are a staple part of my trip

I dont really drink much - so never have hangovers, but I do make sure I have a full day doing nothing - chilling, reading, swimming etc
If you went with your girlfriend there is one easy pick me up.

Strip to the waist and get her to do her impression of a dog eating hot chips... ;)
Berocca, water, a big doobie and Dormadera. Works everytime. You wake up brand new!

Either that or I just stay up until night time, lazing in the sun and drinking. You have great sleep at night.
What works for me:

Try and eat even if I don't feel like it
The obvious: Drink lots of water or juice
Stay in the shade (if I'm on hols - the sunshine seems to make things worse for me!)
Advil 400 does wonders if it's a hangover from alcohol
If taking vitamin pills, never on an empty stomach

Hmm...not really a miracle cure there now that I read that. How boring.
There's a Spanish equivalent of something for diarrhea like Immodium which I cannot remember that one of my friends said is absolutely amazing for hangovers the morning after. I can't remember what it is called if anyone can help?