Photoshop for plonkers


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so then,

i have a logo, i have a picture that i want as background.

how do i combine the two, something to do with layers? i've messed about with it for a while and i'm getting nowhere.

also, the logo i want to be cropped into a circle, but it just appears as a square shape.

any photoshop whizzes out there?? HELP!!
Right....I know how to do this. But I don't have my Photo Shop any more as my hard drive went, and remembering how it's done without it is a bit tricky.
But to crop out something you use the tool called a para-something lasoo. A little triangle symbol. You basicly enclose a section with that and press delete. If you do that all around your design you will be left just with that.
Then if you right click and copy I think you can paste it on your background....maybe. It's something along those lines anyway.
If you 'you tube' it there are a few guides on how to do it.
put logo on a layer, select the circ marquee tool (click n hold oversquare marqee tool to get it), hold sift click from corner point of circle, inverse selection, delete, poistion as required.