Photos in other Clubs????


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What no cameras in clubs????????? Could I take a pic at El Divino or Es Paradise??? Or even Pin up!?
I need to remember my nights out somehow!!
Space is a no-no but you can sneak one if you're sneaky :p

Pacha, El Divinos, Pin-Up, DC10 are all fine, never had any probs at Amnesia but I've heard some people have. I've not been to Eden or Es Paradis for years but I'd assume they're all fine.
no probs getting it into Eden last yr at all and we were'nt exactly subtle taking pics there :)

didnt try Privilege or Pacha, know they do quite thorough checks at Priv tho so maybe a bit more sneaky to get one in there
What about mobile phones with cameras - do they stop you taking them as well?
apparently to keep things "secret", make more money from you but having people taking "professional pics" and making you pay 3 euros or so to keep your camera behind.

All a scam really!