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Hey Clubbers,

Can anyone tell me which clubs will allow you to bring a camera?


IBIZA 09/13-09/24/03

APB :lol:
DC10. Take a camera, video-camera, anything you like. I was there on 1st Sept and security had no problem with people filming and taking photos.

There's a DVD of the full DC10 experience, mashed clubbers and all, with the official CD, so I guess they really have no problem with everyone knowing what goes on there.

Forget it at Space, unless you're really sneaky though.....

Right on, thanks for the tip.. 8) Any other clubs besides DC 10 that are cool about it?

Thanks again!

I think u wont get searched for a cam (or anything else for that matter) at Amnesia and Pacha, however just don't flash it in the doorman's eyes when going into the club ;)
they say privalge are strict on cameras but everytime i went i managed to sneak a camera n,no prob with amnesia too
u will have np problem with most of the clubs but space can be dodgy so just be careful in all the clubs when you are snapping away and it shouldnt be a problem
I was able to get one into Pacha because they didn't check my bag at all. Then I actually got one into Space. It was one of those disposable cameras. I took it out of the box, but I kept it in the foil wrapping. The guy checking the bags searched my bag, looked right at the darn foil wrapped camera and didn't take it away. I think he thought it was something else I guess. :?: The picture quality was OK. The thing with disposable cameras is that you have to be pretty close to the object you are taking a picture of for it to come out clearly. :D The key is being sneaky! Hee! Hee! :lol:
Thanks for all the feedback.. Looks like some clubs are cool about it but the key is to be sneak ;)

I'll post them here when I get back :lol:

Anyone have some pix they took in the clubs?

Hey Susie, I was at Carl Cox that night dancing on the speakers next to the DJ Booth!!
I had on a skirt and a little top!
Did you see me!! :!: :!:
Hey Crystal!

No I don't think that I saw you. Too many people everywhere. Hee! Hee! Did you have a good time at Carl Cox? He always gives a good party. He is so happy and you can really tell he loves what he does without making it seem all about him. I really respect that. How long were you in Ibiza for? First time there? :D Nice ibiza pics by the way. :D
Susie, I completely agree with you. Carl Cox was awesome. You can totally tell he loves what he does. I know it was extremely packed in there..... I was there until they turned the lights on!
Yes first time.....
Loved it, cant wait to go back!
Great pix :D Thanks for sharing.. I'm havin a hard time focusing at work with only 4 days to go... :eek:

Keep the pix comin ;)

later all :lol:
I was able to bring my camera into every club we went to. The only place I even got searched was @ Space and all they did was touch my front pockets. If you put it in your back pocket you should be fine. I have tons of pics... Should have them up on my website in a few days. I will let everyone know once they are up. 8)
whaaaaaaaaddddddddddupppppppppppppp jouney back i i miss that place......i can't wait to see pics of PVD at cream :) :)
We are both completely exhausted from the trip.... Just made it back home @ 10 last night...
Once I get all the pics up on my website I'll let you know.
But here's a little preview....



We'll have to keep in touch... We'll hopefully be coming down to the ATL soon, so you better get ready for another party!!!
Carl cox's is good but he's so full of himself....he has his picture hanging everywhere what the f#$#k