people who live in spain- flights!!!


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Hi I posted on here a while back asking about getting to Ibiza without flying...I've now decided to stop being a baby and just fly (will have a few stiff drinks first). We're coming over from near Alicante as we are already over there on holiday, but I'm having a nightmare finding a flight.
Is £600 for 2 people (incl. taxes etc) the normal price to pay for a flight that lasts 45 minutes? If so, we're just going to get the ferry which is slower but half the price.
But I just wondered if anyone that lives in Ibiza/mainland Spain could tell me if this is an average price or if there is somewhere I could look that may be cheaper? Hope I'm making sense and thankyou in advance!! :)
Try, or (spanish companies) you can fly for 50€ per person, per flight or even less.

I hope it helps . I´m spanish, so feel free to ask me.