people from ibiza - made in italy


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does anybody know if pfi is still for free (with flyers) since they moved the party from from saturday to friday?
and how do the 2 parties go together - pfi in the main and made in italy on the terrace?
I don't think it'll be free anymore as its with MII now. I was thinking 30 Euros this year.

It's the other way around - Made In Italy is in the Main room and People From Ibiza is in the terrace.
just noticed on the amnesia website that people from ibiza will now close on friday 25th september, which is good news if , like me, you were dying to try it out and only there that weekend!! :):):):)
cool! i was getting very worried for a moment! I take it you have been before then, whats the music like ? i get the impression it's quite varied, is that right ?
ok but the special flavour of pfi has always been that it is for free!!!
and since mii doesn't especially appeal to me that party seems to have died for me.. :cry::cry::cry:
I had an amazing night at People from Ibiza last year...the music was good, pumping house if a little commercial at times but the atmosphere was great. It was just a really fun party. I was presuming i wasnt going to get to go this year as im there late september too but now...hmm...decisions decisions!