Penge -- Pacha London 21st Sep


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Saturday night at Pacha London was fantastic. An Ibiza night out in the centre of London.

I had an unbelievable time, the people were friendly, the music spot-on. Lets hope we can expect more parties like this through-out the winter.
Gareth Gates

I heard Gareth gates was there, pilled out of his head with 4 birds round him all night? That true??
don't know if he was pilled up or not but the bit about 4 bords over him was certainly true. but what else do you expect. 18 year old guy, celebrity and single. i wouldn't expect anything less!!!
Considering their dress code, I can't really see how it relates to Ibiza, apart from the extortionate prices.

In fact, it seems to be more concerned about getting cash off VIPs with no idea what clubbing's all about to supplement the global Pacha brand than injecting a slice of Ibiza into dreary London. Or creating a place with the atmosphere or energy of Ibiza for that matter.

I'm no fan of the place, which has it's priorities all fcuked up as far as I'm concerned.

What happened to the much talked of Jo Mills anyway? Shortest residency in town? Perhaps I'm not the only one to see through the gloss and cash eh?
I've been going to Pacha London regularly since it opened. In its early days it was really kool with all the Ibiza veterans checking it out. Then it went a little quiet but then suddenly got busy again. This was due to all the Europeans flying into London and whilst they were over here checking it out.

Over the Summer it got really quiet but this was due to everyone being away on holiday. Then September struck and everyones back, trying to recreate their holiday buzz and its the place to be again.

Jo Mills had argument s with the management about the music policy so she did the off.

As to the dress code, remember it's in London and therefore will have its own feel and its own identity. There are loads of clubbing friendly people in there, if a little older and a little smarter than their counterparts. And whats wrong with that. Im 28 now and have been clubbing hard since I was 17. I'm sorry but partying with a bunch of kids in fluorescent yellow hair blowing on horns and whistles whilst they masturbate with their glow-sticks does absolutely nothing for me any more.

I'd much rather dress up and get down to some beautiful house music and meet some nice looking european women.

Pacha London provides this.

If you can't afford it go elsewhere. I have to admit though it did go through a temporary lull where it was full of tossers who had no idea on clubbing but hopefully this is in the past.

If last Saturday was anything to go by then thankfully we now have a slice of Ibiza in our backyard, and I mean to enjoy it.