PDB & Clubbing Info Needed, help Please!


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Hi folks,

2010 is going to be my 4th time in Ibiza, the Mrs's 2nd.

We're only staying for 4 nights this time, we'redoing a mad 'Easyjet round Europe' thing instead of a normal 2 week hol, in addition to Ibiza, we'll also see Amsterdam, Milan, Rome and Venice. We arrive in Ibiza early on Fri 9th July, flying out again on Tues 10th.

Previously i've only stayed in San An' (2 years Hotel Galfi, last year Hotel S'anfora). Last year for the first time we visited PDB one afternoon and fell in love with the place, a much more cosmopolitan vibe. We ended up travelling over there every day for the rest of the holiday.

The questions are:

1) Accomodation, we want to stay in PDB Itself, in a mid - high end hotel, we liked the look of the Migjorn, and I think it was the Garbi (near Martina Club), the Mrs's fancies the Thomson all-inclusive resort thats out past Space.... Palladium Pallace , I think. Does anyone have any experiences of these hotels, or can you reccommend any others in or VERY near to PDB. We have a budget of around £550 for the 4 nights for both of us. (Admittedly this sounds low, but the wife's a travel agent, and is contacting hotels directly for special rates.... So far this would be the cost of the Palladium)

2) Clubbing, I'd like to do at least 2 club nights within the stay. I've short-listed (although not a particularly short list) Amnesia: People from, Space: Be @ or We Love, Pacha: Pure or Defected. Which of these are recommended, and more importantly, what musical styles should we expect. (It'd be great if you could give an example track or tune)

Thanks folks

Palladium Pallace we blow your budget and more. 724 euro.but pm i have sent you is not far off.it will do for you stay in pdb.

you mean 9th july till the 12th july.don;t you.so you leave on the 13th or morning of the 12th.4 nights min stay in july.
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I'm a big fan of Garbi. Nice hotel. Centrally located.

As for club nights, My choices would be:

Friday - SuperMartXe @ Privilege - big fun party, slightly gayish and very mainstream house but it's just a good fun time with the stage show and atmosphere.

Saturday - Zoo Project (afternoon/evening party, outdoors) - outdoor party in the so-called 'old abandoned zoo'.

Sunday - We Love @ Space or Cadenza @ Pacha. If you do Cadenza, you could start your evening at beach club Ushuaia in PdB for their pre-party. For Space, you could go early for some outdoor terrace action, step out and head to Uhsuaia for a bit, then return for the night program.

Monday - CircoLoco @ DC10 in the evening, Cocoon @ Amnesia at night.

That's a good mix of house and techno.