Paying via card


This is probably a question that's been asked before, but how easy is it paying by card for general daily things? I assume most bars/restaurants take it, do west end bars? Do many ticket selling places take card, or would i need to search around a bit more(Nights aren't all planned so will be buying most on the island)? I've always taken mainly cash but I'm planning on taking as little as possible this year but thought i'd check before hand


I think I asked this question and it seems you can use card pretty much anywhere. Some ppl advised against using it at clubs/ opening tabs to avoid unwanted charges

Life of Rye

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It is best to have cash - That because you will be likely be charged a fee for transactions... Something like 2% which may be something if the transaction is of significant amount

You will be fine using card though bringing a card to a night out could be dangerous!