Pauly P - Lushed. Nu Cosmic Balearic mix for Spring 2010

pauly p

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Meanderthals - Kunst or ars
Marius Vareid - Skumle planer
KZA – Routine
Ray Mang - Look into my eyes
Solila – Atlantis (Downtown Party Network Mix)
Roots Unit – Mabonda
Worst friends Vs Mogi Grumbles - Ski hive
Chamboche - The problem (November edit)
Grackle - Desert acid (Musiccargo version)
Unknown Tunafysh
Jackpot - Greased lightning
Zusammen – Dance Disorder
Mama - Have A Nice Trip
been on that grackle track for a while. Lovely stuff. I found it mixed really well into kate bush's running up the hill and fleetwood mac's big love

dunno any of the other tracks here - will give it a go later