Paul Van Dyk - Early July


Rich Stazzone

I am coming to Ibiza for a bachelor party July 1st - July 5th. We are all about 26, 7 of us. Love the music and love the club scene. I heard Van Dyk will be there during those same dates. I just saw him at the Ultra Musical Festival in South Beach, Miami. Any idea how long the DJ's play? This guy is a badass live. Amazing.
when its just tiesto and pvd it will be 3 hour sets each, however tiesto is first to play then pvd comes on about 5ish and plays till everybody is gone which is sometime very late!

check the party calender for dates.
PvD note: his sets tend to be somewhat shorter in Ibiza. In New York he'll usually spin 6 hours (2AM-8AM), I heard him twice at Cream~Amnesia and he spun from 2:30 or 3AM until 7AM.