Paul Van Dyk at Amnesia


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Hi, just come back from Ibiza and am after the name of a tune that Paul Van Dyk played at Amnesia on 4th Sept. It goes something like...
And we fall deeper in to the sun...Life goes on... so Bring it on...bring it on....
Any ideas what it is and if its on a compilation anywhere etc????
many thanks
I think your talking about:

Gabriel & Dresden Pres. Motorcycle - as the rush comes

The newest mix is the Armin van buuren mix so it may have been that one.
Doesn't PVD have his own mix of this???

Both Tiesto and PVD played this track that night....
I have the promo... but can't remember which mix is on it right now...

But is def. a sick song....
I dont think pvd has done a remix of it. Tiesto usually plays the original promo mix which is pretty similar to the G&D original mix.
I thought I saw somewhere on that PVD did his own re-work of it... Maybe it was something else..
You might have heard the Armin van Buuren remix. It's out now as a promo - and I have a copy. Top tune

Thanks for that all,
I know its a wierd question but does anyone know if i can get hold of PVD and Tiesto's set from that night at amnesia 4th Spet. Is it avail to download from anywhere??
I think this might be the most recent tiesto set:
dj tiesto live from amnesia ibiza 29 july 2003

Though he didnt play on the 29th so i'm guessing that was when it was broadcast?

And i think this is the most recent pvd set:
Pvd live @ fritz sound garden 4th sept 2003

the pvd set might be pretty similar to what you heard as its only 2 days after. I have the tiesto set and its pretty good. Tracklist:

01 Acperience - Hardfloor Experience
02 Bjork - Pegan Poetry (Infusion Remix)
03 Duncan Sheik - On A High (Gabriel & Dresden Love From Humboldt Dub)
04 Sonorous - Second Sun (Leama & Moor Remix)
05 Paul Oakenfold ft. Tiff Lacey - Hypnotised (Deepsky Reakto Radio Remix)
06 Hemstock & Jennings ft. Adam White - Reverence
07 Electrique Boutique - Heal (Vocal Mix)
08 Skin - Faithfulness (DJ Tiesto Remix)
09 Dogzilla - Dogzilla
10 Maskio - Can U Feel It?
11 DJ Tiesto - Traffic
12 DK - Murder Was The Bass
13 Jens - Loops & Things (Marco V Remix)
14 Elles de Graaf - Circles Of Why
15 Mark Norman - Rush
16 Moogwai - Neon
17 DJ Tiesto - Nyana
18 A Situation - The Situation (Liquid Life Remix)
19 Christian Rush pres. Alias - Missouri

You can prob get these from soulseek but i got them from irc.