Paul Oakenfold at Guvernment Tomorrow Night (Toronto)...




I am not usually a massive trance fan but s/b a great event and Guvernment is a wicked venue... Anyone going?

p.s. To non-Canadians, this venue is really really impressive!

My only dilemma is that I already have tickets to:

Which will def be more my kind of music (I am a house guy) and I love day parties... Not sure my body can handle both. More importantly, playing at both will probably result in my being fired come Monday morning!

Oh yeah, there's also that whole I have no power in my building right now bullshit! Arrgghhh
Incredible venue. Almost as good as Amnesia sound-wise. Better than Fabric London, better than Space (we're talking as purely a venue here).


The worst crowd, promoters and venue management I've ever seen. Night after night, event after event. There's no respect for the paying crowd, which I suppose is fair enough, as the crowd is so bad.

ps. I'm hoping that there's power in my house is back when I get home too.