pasha - luggage - get in....?



Arrive at Ibiza airport, midnight to Pasha....will we get in with our's only hand luggage, not full on suitcases...and will we be queuing for ages.....arrive there around 1...ish....?????

Also will we be able to go to Space and leave our bags in the cloak room......does it even have a cloak room...?????

Sorry it's a boring post...but pankering 2 interviews this afternoon so a full on day for me.... b4 Ibiza......can't wait to get there's gonna be 3 whole days and 3 whole nights of party partying....woo hoo....
There is no cloak room at Space, and they won't hold bags for you behind the bar, which isn't too helpful. Afraid you'll end up dancing round your luggage.

Otherwise there is the luggage room at the Jet apartments over the road if you ask nicely.

Don't know about Pacha, but I have a vague memory of a cloak room on the left as you go in. Think it also sells cigarettes.
....we managed to leave hand luggage at Jet .....but the guy there was under the impression we meant suitcases and he said no at first....until he realised it was just a couple of bags....if you arrive @midnight you have 3 hours to dump your gear @your hotel ...then get to Pacha... 8)