party with dj from ibiza


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last week tania vulkano(space,el divino & dc 10) & josé de divina(space) came in paris..
:( "experimental house?" boring sets from both djs...jose de diva less boring :lol:
I went there with free pass...& if i came back to ibiza in august..sure i'm gonna avoid these dj! :lol:especially if u have to pay nearly 35e... :evil:
First Mr Cox, now Tania Vulkano and José de Divina!

Is there anyone you do like?

On another note I'm a big fan of Daft Punk, DJ Falcon, Cassius and anything house french-wise. Can you recommend any french djs, producers or websites?
matiné after @ space! :D kick ass!
:lol:t'as pas 1 histoire belge à la place?
i like roger sanchez(f***in trap last summer coz he only play 1h instead of 8.. 4 relase urself party @ pacha without warning people that they put italian party "piraty" who deadly suck!erick morillo,junior sanchez,DT,....
4 french house,Ask it in the forum of this link!
i'm rather keen on iberican house!dj chus,chus soler,jose louis,sergio serrano,inaki garcia...
:twisted: Stop worshipping dj!we want tunes that allow us to have fun!