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Easy now...

My name is
David ,21, from Nottingham (la-la-la)

Worked in Ibiza as a Club 18-30s Rep in San Antonio for 5 months
Looking for other live 'eads (Pref Female but will consider males) who want to share a place I've found which is in San An, about 7 mins walk from Coastline, trust me the place is gorgeous, split between us it'll be CHEAP AS CHIPS***
Sleeps 8
So far there are two us going out (2 geezers) with a plan to stay for the whole season.
To get the decent jobs you have to go out just before the season starts (I'm sure you already know this) I've made quite a few good friends out there and I've got a list of all the bar owners and their numbers (Courtesy of JMC - thank you very much!)

My mate has already hooked up a job @ Privilege (lucky B$ST&£D!!) so I've got it all to do.

If you fancy coming out there with us, drop me a mail.

Take it easy




Robin_in_the-hood*** said:
My mate has already hooked up a job @ Privilege (lucky B$ST&£D!!) so I've got it all to do.

that was quick!, did he work for them last year?

He's been doing lighting rigs out there for about 5 years. He just goes back to the same guy each year. I've heard that safety isn't high on their list of priorities but the money is amazing.

let me come, let me come! ha ha im sitting in my crappy office in Marbella bored to tears, I have to get to Ibiza this summer I have decided.
On it matey!

Let me know some stuff about what you're into and we'll all link up. There's a group of about 5-8 of us so far. Send me a mail and i'll get back to you.

Lucky git!! i'd love to be able to say i'm defo gonna get out for the summer!!!