party-defining tunes (old and new)


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I like older mix sets from time to time, but all to often I end up with famous dj's playing overly known records.
My clubbing recollection however is mainly with unfamous dj's playing unknown records.
Best nights I had were in sweaty dark rooms, being overrumbled by modest resident dj's playing nothing but b-sides and white labels.
Vinyl-only mix I did last night to honour that feeling.

Edit: Redid the upload. New version contains less distortion. Tracklist is added as well.
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here's another FK gem. imo one of the greatest house records ever made. every single element of this is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. she sounds fantastic too.

one of those end of nighters that brings out the warmth in the room (see also knuckles now classic rmx of Blind)