party d.j. required


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a d.j. is required at cheers bar, west end, san antonio, for summer 2003. the position is for 6 months from 1st april till 31st october. you will be expected to work long hours, normally seven nights a week. please only apply if -

- you are available for the full 6 months
- you are confident, lively and have a sense of humour
- you have an excellent microphone technique and the ability to entertain a crowd of people.
- you are able (and happy) to play 70's, 80's, 90's, commercial dance, garage, r'n'b, really cheesey party music alongside the latest club tunes.
- have the ability and imagination to organise party/drinking games

all the above is essential to the bar. so please don't apply if you only play 'urban tech-house' or are embarrased about talking on the mic to 300+ people!

if you are still interested please send an e-mail with some details about yourself to and i'll get back to you.

sean c -cheers bar manager