Particular @ Cala Jondal


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Does anyone know if Particular @ Cala Jondal reopens this summer? Last year it was closed because of storm-damage I think. :(
sorry dont' know what that is :(
maybe the site admin can help
Particular was or is a beach-chillout-bar-restaurant at the Cala Jondal-beach. For me it is one of the best places the island has to offer, where you can eat & drink, swim, lie in the sand or in a hammock, meet nice people, get a massage and enjoy the sun and the beautiful landscape. 8)
The Jockey Club wasn't at Cala Jondal last September when we went looking for it too. :cry:
The Jockey club isnt' that on selinas beach??
i hung out there most of last summer, cause of the tunes while your sunbathing! love it :D
there did used to be a bar called the jockey club at cala jondal, but that changed to blue marlin.