parking ticket w/ rental car


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Got a parking ticket by the marina in Eivissa just as we were on our way to leave the island. Returning the car to Europcar, the people there said we couldn't pay it to them, only at an ATM. So, does anyone know how I could pay the fine from outside Spain and avoid a possible extra credit card charge from Europcar with possible nasty admin charges on top? ...or whether I should just wait it out and see if I'm lucky :) The ticket was 50€, or 35€ if paid within 30 days.
The authorities will trace you through Europcar who will provide your details and will probably separately charge you 25+ euros for doing so - it will be in the small print of your agreement. They also have your credit card details. Don't rely on getting away with it.
i think that the details of a bank account number and so on are provided on the back of the fine. can you not transfer the money with the correct payment reference, claim your early payment discount and avoid more costs from the police and your hire car company
A tip for anyone that gets a ticket (and the "wardens" are about the only thing that is efficient in Ibiza, you will get one if you do not have a ticket, Park on "yellow" areas, probably less than 10 mins later your car will be towed away) If you get back to the car and it is within 1 hour of the time on the ticket, You can go to the machine and pay €3 to cancel it,

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Okay, this happened to me yesterday...

I got a parking ticket while parked near the port. I was well beyond paying $3.00 euro at the machine. My hotel desk clerk says that I have three days to pay the ticket at a rate of $25.00 euro and 20 days there after to pay $50.00 euro. The problem... today is Saturday and I´m told all of the places to pay the ticket (Sa Nostra, La Caixa, and CAM) are closed until the start of business on Monday. Our flight back to New York is Monday morning 7:00am!!! From this thread it seems the authorities will contact our car rental agency and provide them our contact details and they will then contact me in the US to pay the ticket. Though, Europcar will charge us an administrative fee of $37.00 euro. How can I avoid this administrative fee and pay the ticket directly with the authorities? Can I send it by mail? Can I pay it at a parking machine? Can I pay it online??? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
just enter your passport as your document and then the number. you enter the total amount of the fine and if there is any discount for prompt payment it is automatically calculated.
I was issued a ticket and did not pay within the hour period. When I dropped the car back to the hire company I told them of the fine.

They said not to worry about it they would sort it. Tourists are allowed some leeway I think and it depends on the area you park in. Moto Luis were the hire company and they are locally based so I suppose that helps.