Parking in Santa Eulalia


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We go to SL every year but have always stayed very central. This year we're in a villa in the sticks.

Will have a car the whole time and will likely be driving into SL every day.

I don't mind paying for parking within reason; the main thing is I want it to be easy and convenient.

Where are the best places to park. What app(s) or whatever do I need to do this easily without messing around with cash and ticket machines and stuff?

I like the parking of the marina if I don't stay too long, and if I can I go the free parking near the health center.
elparking is the app. Super easy to use and you can add hire cars to it.
This can be used in the blue parking areas across town. There's a new paid car-park opposite the BP garage too which seems to be always empty at the moment.

There are a couple of free dirt car parks. One near the big Eroski near the center, one near the medical center.
yeah I park in the dustbowl. usually ok although you might have to navigate craters and discarded rusting Seat 600s though first - whilst also risking getting blocked in