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Does anyone know where you go to enquire about parasending outside cafe del mar/mambo's/savanahs at sunset as its my 30th Birthday on the 27th Sept and would love to experience this while the sun is setting.

Thanks a lot!!!
yeah I did it this year, amazing! 45 euro pr. person for 15 minutes of fun, but the entire ride with the speedboat and crazy Jimmy WILL BE ABOUT AN HOUR.

The ride was excellent, a perfect must-do- thingy! try and visit Jimmys parasailing in San An. near the boats for cALLA bASSA ECT....
yeah, i can also confirm that this is ace - done a tandam with my man for 80euros

this was a big thing for me cos i hate stuff like that, especially where there is water involved - kept thinking i was going to fall out and drown but apart from that was a pretty cool experience and the only thing i actually done when i was out apart from the usual....