Parascending in San Antonio



Only found this site last week, have been to Ibiza twice. Loved both times so much i'm going back this year. Only thing is I have been meaning to go parascending and have not made the time, too much to do! Can anyone tell me the price, roughly, I know that they leave from the harbour but there was no price on the board.

Thanks for any replies
Jimmy's is the one to go for, I did one last September - great it was 40 euros, but may have gone up. Jimmy has all the insurance & qualifications, enjoy the views :D
Jimmy´s Parasailing
Port d'es Torrent
07820 Sant Antoni
Ibiza - Baleares
Tel./Fax: +34/971/342966
Mobil: +34/606/822502

here is a picture i took one month ago from sugar sea!! ;)


complete sunset here: !! :p
me neithe,r was going to on my honeymoon but was too big a chicken! have to prove to my husband that i can do this ´seeing the sunset from the sky, that´s heaven! (litterally speaking!)
i've done this on the other side of the island at s' was brill highly reccomend it!!!

I must admit it does look great fun, but I think I will be keeping my feet firmly on the ground !

Do you think a good time to go would be on a Monday morning after Space?
i would def. only do it, if i wasnt drunk or hung needs to be tried and tested and i cant wait! bet its expensive if you go 2!