Paradise DC10 - Lee Foss

Oli B

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I was enquiring why Lee Foss never seems to comes over to play at these parties?

have I got this wrong is he is due in Ibiza for 2015 ?



You can easily search for it but due to his issues with the spanish authorities, he can never come


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Caught with a bag of the wonky dust at a Spanish airport, nothing big, just the remnants of a good night. not sure if he's actually banned, more risk getting banged up if he sets foot in Spain again


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Lee foss= no loss . A prick of the highest quality by all accounts. remember he spat the dummy out over some boiler room shite a few years ago..


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He looks like a homeless person these days. Dude is afraid to shave since his face is full of acne scars. I dunno how he dates that chick he's some point she has to snap back to reality.


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He strikes me as that mate who just over does everything and ends up battered before everyone else yet still manages to pull a stunner?!

To be honest though, if I was in his position I would probably end up as mangled