Palm Garden Apartments, Playa den bossa



Has anyone stayed in the plam garden apartments. Can you let me know what you think of it if you have.

Yep, I stayed there in August with my boyfriend. I think we were the only young couple without kids there really!! However, the rooms were nice enough, clean, kitchen area had enough in to make breakfast and sandwiches, etc. We didnt sunbathe round the pool much as it got busy and the sunlougers were all taken the night before by the families :rolleyes: , but with Bora Bora 5-10 min walk down the road, we weren't bothered ;) . The bar and little restaurant were alright if you just wanted a snack and cant be bothered making anything, and all the staff were friendly.
The apartments are 2 min walk from the main road in Playa d'en Bossa, so supermarkets and taxi rank, etc, were all handy.
By the way, there is no AC, but the ceiling fan is a god send!
thanlks for the tip.

By the way, would you stay there againa nd what did you think of playa den bossa
Errm, I would stay there again, because we didnt mind the families and stuff, but you couldn't really sleep off the night before around the pool, if you know what I mean!
I liked Playa D'en Bossa because of the location, near to Ibiza Town and of course Bora Bora and Space up the road. However, it wasnt great for restaurants or nice bars, you generally have to go into Ibiza Town for that.

Have a good holiday btw!
I stayed there last year in September and it was ok, much better than where we stayed this year. I can't really say more than kitkat, except the pool area only gets sun at certain times in parts as the palm trees and apartment block it out, and apart from the kids it's a quite quiet apartment.