Package deal or DIY?


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Thanks for all the responses to my last query, now here's another one...

On past experences, would you recommend doing a package deal (although with most accomodation being on the West of the island) or get a flight only and arrange your own accomodation? Bearing in mind that I'm planning on going around the first two weeks in September for 14 nts, how easy will it be for me and my boyfriend to get decent (as in clean and good location) and cheap accomodation-preferably near Ibiza Town? We're really aiming on spending no more than about £20/night/person (£40/room/night) but I know the prices come down considerably in September. We're looking to book it next week.

Thanks again!
undoubtedly package deaals are cheaper. the tour companies get a much better rate at the hotels than you possibly could. if you know where you want to stay, an independant travel agent may be able to find what you need. hunt around for bargains.

it's more fun on your own though.
We went on a package deal, included was our flight from London, 7 nights accomodation and 3 clubbin passes. The flight and the accomodation were all PERFECT, but we only used 1 of the club passes that were originally given to us. The other 2 we just exchanged for other stuff. Overall i thought our package deal was very good, but im sure u could find better deals by urself. A flight from London is dirt cheap, and if ur going with other ppl, a 2or3 bed room wont be bad at all. Look on the net, we found a room in a place in Santa Eulalia on the net that rooms 3 for 100pounds for 7nights which was amazing. We decided to go another route but its very possible to get a good deal, however, that was really early when we looked. Everything is surely booked up by now or is probably really expensive. I hope that sheds some light onto ur situation ;)

I would say the opposite, but you need to look into it for the dates you're going.

I'm a travel agent and so I should be saying to book a package but we found it about £100 cheaper to book the flights and accomodation seperately.
I booked separately because i needed a set time to go and no package deals were open for those dates and from Canada... Just ask about both. Ask the agent how much for a package and then just flight and then look up the hotel on the internet to see their cheapest rates. Good luck.
I've booked mine all DIY. Got dirt cheap flights with GO and booked an apartment for 3 of us so we have a kitchen, balcony, bedrooms etc.

The total cost was about the same as the packages I looked at but we have our own choice of accomodation, location, and dates.
DIY completely.. my and my mates are going to London from the u.s and canada.. spending 2 nights there.. than 2 nights in barcelona.. than taking the ferry over to ibiza spending 7 nights there. Got hotel in Playa De'n BOssa.. everything seperatly.. it was a bit difficult scheduling everything but you can manage that if your organized. Hope that helps!
I agree, DIY!
There"s a really usefull booklet in the latest MixMag. It has the details of loads of hostels/hotels to suit every budget.
I would also recommend hiring a car. I always use Alamo. It works out about 20quid a day. I would say the air conditioning alone was worth that! 8)
Went on a package last year and have done DIY this time around. If you have the time to surf the net you can find some privately owned places... - Gary does good deals on apartments!! - some well priced apartments on here - will find accomodation only for you - good flight only searches including charters!!

I've just booked the first two weeks in Sept for me and the Mrs and it cost £500 each for flights, accomodation, insurance AND car hire for the whole 2 weeks - and we are staying in an air conditioned apartment above Cafe Del Mar 8)
Definately DIY and save. You create the itinery the WAY you want to! :)