It's all abput personal taste, but I'd plump for either Subliminal or Underwater, depending on the line-up.
pacha has really out done thensleves this year,

monday - sanchez
tuesday - underwater
wed - subliminal
thurs - ministyr of sound
friday - 30th bday
sat - def mix

(correct me if i'm wrong, i'm a bit :confused: at the moment)

so i'd say do em all if you can or pick anynight according to what u like

anyways u guranteed to have a good time there :D
Subliminal or Underwater (I think Underwater scrape it by having slightly better line ups).

Having said that I went to Def Mix last year and had an unbelievable night.
Def Mix, no competition, best music, best DJs, best crowd for sure, too many West End boys go to Subliminal.

You just can't beat Frankie Knuckles or Morales when everyone is feeling it, the vibe in there for that night last year was just amazing, easily better than Ministry and Subliminal.
I can't decide what night I am gonna do @ Pacha. Either Thursday or the Friday night. HHHHMmmmmmmmm. :confused: :confused: :?: :?: :?: :confused: :confused: :?: :?:
im hoping 30th aniversary will be the best night this year. ive never been to pacha but im gpoing this year
I was at Pure Pacha (30th Anniversary) last Friday and it was excellent. Defo recommend that night!! Pacha is my favourite club on the whole island by far! :D Anyone else there?