Pacha vip


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Can anyone tell me or knows what the prices are for V.I.P table in Pacha is it on like a minimum spend rule and what do you get if it is drinks etc?
Thanks in advance for any help
Help please Morbyd

Hi Morbyd
Thanks for your reply I have trawled through the forums like you said and I know you are probably sick of answering the same questions but it has not been all that helpful and I read in one thread you did the VIP at Pacha last year.Any chance of sharing your knowledge of prices etc 1 last time
Hi Byrom. It was 2 years ago and my memory is fuzzy as ever. I think we paid 200 or 250 euros for the table and it included to bottles of alcohol (we got one whiskey and traded the other bottle in for a big bunch of San Miguel beers) plus mixers like cola, water, etc. I'm sure the price is higher by now.
The only good thing i personaly found about Pacha VIP is pussys like Italian posers who order a bottle of whatever and either leave a full bottle of Vodka or Champagne or fall asleep/leave,so we liberated what was left of their Champagne/Vodka which was almost a full bottle:lol: mugs havent a fcuking clue too busy posing:p:spank: