Pacha VIP zone table


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Last year went to ibiza and booked Pacha table in VIP zone over the phone before even arrived. We were only two people, but made sure that booking for 4. When we arrived they showed us a table in far away area somewhere beside the entrance (beside small bar on ground level).
This time wanna book a NICE table in vip are, any suggestion on how to guaranty that we will get a table in a nice are (above or in front the dance floor). We will not mind to pay extra.
Usually, when I am in my local sandwich shop, when asking for smoked salmon + phill (light) - or perhaps ham and cheese if it is a friday - I specify the particular seeded, usually brown, baguette that I would like.

The conversation tends to go like

'can i have the one at the front'

I suggest trying this approach.
can you help us out in getting vip? or does anyone know away to get in. Isn't it a 500 euro deposit per table??
Bet Pacha VIP will cost a pretty penny!!!

Im sure Danny will be able to sort you out, if he can't then no chance lol!!!