Pacha Saturdays


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Anyone got any news of who is at Pacha on Saturdays this year?

Also, I haven’t seen Cream announced... could this be why?


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cream's gone as far as I'm aware. at least as a weekly party.

pacha saturdays should come soon.


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While it’s been through many phases from Pete Tong to present day.... what old timer can recall what year Pure Pacha started? c.2004/5? And did it start with Tong or was it Oakenfold? Paging @danny w
2003? I remember going that year to pacha on a Friday and I’m sure it wasn’t ministry of sound I remember being annoyed because I had wanted to go to ministry for years but my memory could be wrong


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Maybe inside then
11:30pm sitting?
9:30 seems too early and then be the first people into the club
personally I would also do the 11:30pm one. I‘m used to eating late and with that time you‘ll finish right in time to hit the dancefloor