pacha moscow



Party time at Pacha

There can now no longer be any doubt:
this city is truly the equal of any other.
The reason?

Pacha has arrived.

The beautiful people turned out in force for the January opening
of the Pacha Moscow nightclub, a significant event marking the entrance
of a major international brand into the local nightlife scene.

The history of Pacha International Group dates back to 1967,
when the first Pacha club opened in Sitges outside Barcelona.
Since then, it has expanded around the world, growing into empire
that encompasses hotels, restaurants, a record label, radio station, magazine,
merchandising and more than 20 nightclubs all over the world,
including hotspots in New York, London, Ibiza - and now Moscow.

Opened by Club XIII promoter Garry Chaglasyan and producer Andrei Fomin,
Pacha Moscow is prestigiously located in a 1,500-square-meter venue
on Nikolskaya Ulitsa, close to the Kremlin and surrounded by luxury boutiques.
PR director Sergei Fomichev said the project was designed
"under the tough supervision of our Spanish partners, down to every detail."

Pacha Moscow boasts its own underground parking,
with an elevator to take guests up into the action.
The club is divided into two zones:
one for dancing, and another spacious area for chatting over cocktails,
with 30 cosy private booths that can be booked in advance.

"The layout is unique, as normally everything is concentrated around
a club's dance floor," said Fomichev. "Here the situation differs,
as the dance floor is separated from the main part of the club."

The five bars, all decorated with Spanish mosaics, are sufficient to ensure
there are no lines for drinks. The bar menu is rather long and includes the usual
nightclub drinks; the club maintains that all cocktails "belong to the traditional Pacha set"
and made according to standardised recipes.
Cocktails cost 500 roubles, whiskey starts from 450 roubles and beer is 300 roubles.

As for music, Pacha DJs play popular electronic music with an emphasis on house.
The policy is to try to fit the bill of other Pacha branches, in particular to follow
the trends in Pacha Ibiza, whose resident DJs are to play frequently in the Moscow club.

Finally, the quality Moscow promoters consider most important for a club's success:
face control.
Fomichev described the club's door policy as unique.

"We have two face controllers:
prominent Pasha [a.k.a. Pasha Facecontrol], the best face controller in Russia,
and Vakhtang. They are both needed here in order to have a unique audience,"
Fomichev said. "While Pasha is extremely experienced and has an eye
for reputable guests, his younger colleague Vakhtang is very good with youth.
Thus, we have good selection in two categories and face control is more obvious.

"We don't want to work for young beautiful girls and their rich backers;
we want to mix up a fun audience of young, beautiful, creative guests,
and of course those who appreciate music of high quality and the clubbing style
of Pacha all over the world."

Pacha: 10 Nikolskaya Ul., / 798 5777, m. Lubyanka.
Open Fri. and Sat. from 10 pm to 6 am.
I was at the opening. It's pretty nice inside. Beautiful crowd on the opening night.

Quite a fun party in retrospect, helped by the fact that a friend of a friend left us his pre-paid VIP table with lots of free booze.

Gary is a friend of mine, and I know Pasha pretty well.

For those keeping count, the 500 ruble starting price for cocktails is equal to 11 euros, so cheaper than Pacha Ibiza :lol: but that is only because the ruble has devalued over the past 3 months... anytime before that it would have been about 14 euros.

I've only been back once since the opening. Need to pop in again soon....
I first I dreaded this Moscow tradition but in time I've come to appreciate it... surely, that's partially because I've been around long enough now that I know a lot of the regular rotating cast of face control guys, but also because they keep things safe.

If you didn't have them, you really would get all kinds of people... They keep out the bandits, the suburban teenagers, basically all the types that could ruin a good night out. Unfortunately, they also keep out some perfectly decent people.

In return for dealing with it, however, most clubs here do not charge entrance :)

Pavel, a.k.a. Pasha Face-Control (as he is universally known in club land), mentioned above, is quite a decent guy.