Pacha Hotel

Yep stayed there last year for 10 days with 2 friends. We got a 1 bedroom apartment which was massive with a nice big balcony. The place is actually called Aparthotel Tagomago and it is very club oriented being owned by Pacha. There is always something going on there. Highly recommended.
the tagomago-papagallino apartments are now called el hotel. the opening is today - june 14th :!:


this is the website :arrow:
Very very nice! Can't imagine they would like me walking around with my sandy feet in that reception tho .. tee hee!
mmm thats about 25 mtrs away from my apartment, last time they were setting up the garden, very beautiful by the way :D
How cool are they. It is quite pricey, esp when you consider that you are getting an appartment and not a hotel (brekfast/bar etc)
I still reckon getting a villa is the way to go, and if there is a lot of you it turns out cheap as chips!

Last year there was 20 of us, and we rented a stunning villa just outside San Raphael, it cost us 2 grand for the week, sounds alot, but between 20 people it's 100 quid each.

For that we got a huge villa that sleeps 20, beautiful gardens, a huge pool, a balcony that had the most stunning veiw of ibiza town, and the main thing......privacy!!

This is a bit like the veiw from the veiw from our balcony >>>>>

STUNNING!!! :lol: :lol:
Pooley said:
This is a bit like the veiw from the veiw from our balcony >>>>>

you wish!! :lol:

you cant see ibiza town that well from san rafael. here is a picture really taken from there!! :p

james said:
we are probably going to make a new page for them for spotlight, check out the junior suites:


whilst the penthouse suites are like something out of miami vice - with jacuzzi on the roof with views to formentera and a walk in wardrobe bigger than our house - superb!!

Yep the penthouse was none too shabby! Quite a trip to bump into people you know at teh best of times but when they say "we staying there..." pointing from Pacha terrace to El Hotel and pausing for dramitic effect. I say, wow, yeah I've seen pictures we were looking at it on the net. They say, "yeah plus we have the the whole top level to ouirselves. The penthouse!" Needless to say say I'm like "Whoa!" Hehe.
Barbie said:
'Very fresh' pmsl, you've been spending too long with Rob and the youth of today, picking up their lingo lol :p :lol: ;)

and you've been away from the youth,and have lost the 'lingo'