Pacha dress code



Been to ibiza 4 times but never been to pacha. Going this year for pete tongs night and just wondered if its really dressy. Will i beable to ware jeans and trainers. Any info would be very much appreciated. Cheers. 8)
Yes you can wear jeans and trainers (just not too scruffy) although you will be pretty darn hot in jeans.
yes jeans and trainers are fine.

it can be a bit more dressy than the other clubs.

but i did see some people wearing a football tops in there last year. but they where french :lol: :lol:

basically wear what you want.
Cheers. That was quick reply peeps, i'd only just posted ;)
Hay up Drew ar tha gooin'(sheffield accent there). Nice to see fellow sheffielders out and about. 8)