Regards I am Kiara one of component of Our last work has been a and we would like that you were visiting the web and were giving to us yours opinions to be able to improve her. Thank you for yours collaboration
Good site but flash is a bit over the top, difficult to navigate, would be nice to be able to by-pass the intro. Registration was easy and quick, good to be able to download the line-up. Lots of interesting info.
Sorry, love. The site is sooooooooooooooo overdesigned it is almost impossible to use. The site looks nice but it took me nearly 5 mins on an ADSL line to get to the line-ups.
I think it's great! This way you can get an idea about the feeling inside :D

It's different and can be hard to navigate...but net is full of those dull pages.

If you have been in Pacha/Ibiza or you are going there this summer you will understand ;)

Good work :!:
the sites great - really inventive and fun

at least they have a site up and running - Privilege & Pin Up are sadly lacking in that department
Greetings again to all, first we want to thank your interest for the website. We report you that in the web there are two ways to sail, one is through the personages of the play where do not only we intend that they be discovered the links but the diverse things that go occurring, and the other through an alternative menu included in pacha club and pacha ibiza. In general to tell you that what we intend with this animation is to reflect the basic concepts of the island, insanity and diversion in Pacha!!

Superstara answering to your question we are and we work in contribution with Pacha multimedia Ibiza.

Thanks to all by your comments, that are always useful. We continue working in the web and you can ask us any doubt that have on Pacha

Kisses Kiara_nirad
mally said:
would be nice to be able to by-pass the intro

It's easy! there is a skip option...Maybe the designers need to make this bigger and more obvious so that people have the option to see both the flash and simpler version, Great stuff! Well done! x