Pacha 30th???



So it seems that Pete Tong is scheduled for this almost every week but the week I'll be.... So my question is why?? What do they have planned that week

The date he's missing is 9/5/03...
Also the date I'll be there, I'm really looking forward to finding out who's on that week cos I'm not the biggest Tongy fan.
Surely they must replace him with a top line DJ. Danny T would do nicely. ;)
I think hugoboss is using the US date format, so it's 5th Sept
I'm out there then too, so if anyone finds out who's stepping in for Tongy let us know.
Sorry about that......

September 5th is the date I'm looking for...

That would be nice if Danny T stepped in for Tong, but I'm not holding my breath.... besides I can see DT every week if I'd like here in NY ;)
well it's obviously not DT.... due to his latest news.... so who could it be????
hate to admit it but i really like tongs mixes recently i thought he was well past it but since 'twisted beats' hes been great i think him and steve lawler at pacha this year sounds interesting ( hopefully lawlers on top of bill)
I'm always hearing mixed reviews of Tongy :confused: I hope he puts on a good show for Pacha - he can be a bit suspect at times. What do you all think?
Nowt wrong with Pete Tong apart from sometimes his mixing is dodgy but he always plays good tunes and gets the crowd going.
I would have actually liked to see Pete Tong... for some strange reason, every time I go somewhere, it seems he played the night before or something.... I went to Miami and he played Crobar the night before I arrived.... I go to NYC, he does the essential mix from Centro the night before I get there..... I arrive in Ibiza on Saturday and he's playing that Friday @ Pacha and then not again until after we leave.....

Maybe he don't like me????
i have to agree that Tong has been on top form lately.

he seems to have found a sound (at last) which suits him

his latest Essential Selection CD is fantastic