Pacha 30th update


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According to Pete Tong's gig guide, he's not doing Pacha 30th on 2 Fridays throughout the summer; 11th July and 5th September.
Well me and Mrs Hook are there early September so do you think he'll be replaced with a top headliner or give the Pacha rezzys a go.
As I've said before I'm not too stuck on Tongy so this could be good news!!
I agree! If they're going to put on a night without British promoters that showcases everything Pacha you'd think they would choose something a bit less radio 1 and a bit more Jose __ ???
B**locks if you ask me!
I think we should wait to see the line-ups before passing judgement. Pete Tong will prob only play a couple of hours each night anyway. Maybe each week will see top ibiza ressies and Pete Tong is there so there is a 'name' on the bill.

As I will be there on 5th sept, i too noticed he wasn't on that night. Maybe they can get Sonique in :confused:
" You give me such a's totally bona-fide!!!!"

And that awful warbling she does over the tunes, she's sometimes so busy with it she forgets to mix!!!!