Pacha 30th on 25th June 2003


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Anyone else go to that from here?

I LOVE the decor. They have thousnads of candles hung from roof over the dancefloor and it's looks stunning! Really something! I'd even say the best I've ever seen in Pacha!

I spent quite a long time sat chatting in the terrace because we were trired from a heavy week and this was nice too. Quite an upmarket crowd with the odd minor celebs (we chatted to Sergei Federov the Hockey player) by the bar. Deep dish never really got me going and he set seemed a little dark so we didn't spend too much time inside until later on.

At 6 ish I'd was in the funky room for a while which was the best out of the week (Def mix, Subliminal being the other two visits) so a stayed in there for and hour or so until it got empty.

But as I left I was surprised to see the main club nearly full still! Tongy was on the mix and everyone was loving it! From 7.30 to 8.30 was one of the best hours I've ever had in Ibiza. His tracks were top notch from Sweet dreams to the accoustic "Days go by" and many others I forget the place was rocking!!! When it shut at I think 8.30 ish I'd say the main room was still 2/3rds full and every ledge, bar and dancfloor was lined with people going bonkers. Everyone had that kinda look where they are dancing like there is no one else in the room and they just dont care how wild they get. Total bliss and abandonment.

Trully a sight I never forget and one of my best Pacha moments ever.

I'll do a full review when I have time to type it.