Outdoor parties


Mistress Elle

Are there any outdoor parties that are going on like sundance etc.....?
There are fewer and fewer of these parties taken place each year.
Mainly because the 'parties in the hills' are now illegal.
a little bird told me that there was a big trance party last sunday (organised by a well known
frogadelic promoter ;) )
near por por erm, i dont remember the name!! :twisted:

and theres a secret beach party planned for tomorrow with oriol (from the discos delta
record store and dj at pk2 and la alternativa) among others here:


(i took this one on august 9th)

keep your ears to the ground and maybe you will find an outdoor party :!:
same beach, same djs (ernesto, oriol, igor m, etc), next saturday night!!

(do you like my new sunglasses? :lol: )