our 3 days in Ibiza...


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Last year my girlfriend and I we spend 3 weeks in Ibiza so we know a lot of places clubs parties because we tried a lot. This year we only have money for 3... days but we manage 3 very good days. We were there on sunday 14th july, monday and thuesday. For me we found the best program for these 3 days.
Sunday : We love sundays @ Space
Monday morning : DC10 till late afternoon
Monday evening : Bora Bora
Monday night : Cocoon @ Amnesia
Thuesday morning : Carry on @ Space
Thuesday afternoon : Bora Bora
We were very lucky because after Cocoon @ Amnesia, Sven Vath came as special guest @ Carry on in Space and when the inside were closed he came to dance till the end with the people on the terrace, very great feeling!!!!!!!!!!
These very exciting 3 days for 1600 euros.
We wait for next time (maybe end of september for closing parties).
C U Soon.
Sounds like a brilliant three days :lol:

1600 EUROS, bloody hell , I am f#cked for going over, I reckon I'll have about 500 euros and that's for 7 nights, I better get talking to that bank manager again....

Good review.
don't worry for the money. it's because we spent a lot of money. we don't want to refuse nothing but you don't need so much money. I think that 125 euros/day it's enough but we need always more because we want everything and a lot of fun of course. it's Ibizaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!.