Orvay apartments san antonio



Does any1 no what these are like staying there in sep
for a week with mates, are they close to bars ,clubs etc

Yep, went there for a week 1n 1999 with escapades...needless to say, had an amazing week! the apartments are clean, fairly basic but the staff are (were) friendly and they do a cracking breakfast downstairs.
They are closest to the 'sunset strip' (mambo, del mar, savvanah and kanya) which are all THE place to go early evening. The west end is about a 10 min walk.
BEWARE of the rooftop pool...its evil. I swear someones put a magnifying glass above it cuz it attracts the heat...BIG TIME! I got severely burnt on the first day and suffered for the rest of the week. Wear sunscreen!!!!
Im going again 13th June with my mate, same apartments...half the price £200 all in..looking forward to it, obviously!
Thanks thats great
Looking forward to it, I will be careful wit the swimming pool, good advice
Can anyone help me whit a phone number or something so I can check if they have any rooms free ?