Someone told me Orbital are playing in Ibiza this year.

Anyone know if they are?
can't confirm

i have not herd anything with regards to orbital being in ibiza this year
watch this space. robo or barbie my know..

Gimme Orbital, and after I wet myself, I may be found hung like a monkey on the ceiling of whatever club they play at...cheerfulllllyyyyy


Now all we have to do is HOPE that thi specific rumor will be true

Orbital would be the ultimate, next to those guys these big name DJ's can shove their tunes up their a**es (and I like many of the DJ's also)!

So move over cheezy houes and give us a night from the prog masters!

p.s. I reckon it's pretty unlikely they will be there, but I'd fly out for it if they were even if I had to come back the next day
Nice one, heres hoping they are out there this summer!!!!

If it does get announced, I'll stick something on the board and see if we can get a few people over there!
God - if they did play, I think that would be worth the trip in itself - might have to sell some stuff but I would be sooooo worth it :)
Bubble burster

Just read an interview with the Hartnolls who said that they wont be doing any live sets this year.

Theyre concentrating on studio work