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Just decided now with the other half that we want to do the opening partys this year as ive never done them. Wouldnt mind the circo loco one on 31st may. For anybody who knows whats the cheapest way to go for 3 nights?? Dont want to spend too much on flights and accom.

any help????

cheers :eek:
hotels in sant antonio are so cheapest

privilege may 29
space may 30
dc10 may 31

I spent £340 on flights :( Flying out Friday arrive 16:00, Ryanair, Flying back Tuesday 10:00, Easyjet. Sorta regret it but it's the only days I can as it's a bank holiday and I have work.. At least I can stay with friends so not shelling out for accom.

I was just looking at what's happening on those days. Of course DC10 on the Monday, maybe Space on the Sunday (how much is it for just one day, I saw 100 for both :O so I'm guessing like 60?). The thing I don't get, is that the Zoo Project night on the 29th isn't the official opening? Will it still be busy and good? Also does anyone know who is djing? Otherwise maybe Ushuaia would be the better option if I can get in somehow..